Happy weekend!!!And a few links..

Hello there!
Weekend is finally here, hooray!!! Spending last weekend and half of the week inside, now only the weather will make me stay in. As I write this post the sun begins to shine between clouds so I'm already thinking of all the possible places I could take my son to.
What are your plans?

  • I'm not into Valentine's day -never was- but this card made me laugh! You can buy it here. Plus, a cute manicure for the day.
  • Ever found yourself not being able to pronounce a designer's name, for example Christian Lacroix? If so, this is the ultimate cheat sheet about how to pronounce designers
  • My friends Miranti and Anna-Rosa were kind enough to answer my questions at this fun game that 's been on the internet for a while.
 Enjoy your weekend!!!

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  1. I loved these little links :) What game are you talking about?


  2. Read "11 things about me", "happy Sunday and 11 questions" or check the links leading to the blogs above, thanks! 😉

  3. Nice things9/2/14 17:28

    Happy Sunday!!!