How to wear: Boyfriend jeans

For no particular reason I consider boyfriend jeans more of a spring piece of clothing. Thinking hoping spring is not far away and because I've practically lived in them the past 5 days staying at home, I remembered how comfortable outfit they can be. It is the most easy-going yet stylish way to dress especially during weekends. I used to wear my boyfriend jeans with my sneakers and my favorite ballerinas (which reminds me I need a new pair of them) but many of the ladies below sport them with high heels. For a more polished and less grunge look you can skip the distressed ones although the rules are meant to be broken, especially in fashion. Examples to be inspired after the jump..

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Julia Sarr-Jamois

Citizen of humanity (Shopbop)

Victoria beckham (Net-a-Porter)

Ralph Lauren

ZARA 2014

we wore what

Elle Macpherson

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  1. stylencritics6/2/14 22:34

    I love all kind (almost) of jeans but the boyfriend is the best!

  2. Nice things7/2/14 10:14

    Πολύ στυλάτα και άνετα! Ωραίες εικόνες! Καλημέρα!

  3. Μου αρέσουν πάρα πολύ τα boyfriend Jeans, αλλά για μένα τα φοβάμαι...βλέπεις 1.60! Έχεις tag Πολλά φιλάκια.

  4. Φόρεσε τα με τακουνια όπως αυτές στις φωτό!

  5. They are pretty cool, I agree!

  6. I prefer the none-ripped ones, the lady with the mustard jacket is totally ace.

    Buckets & Spades

  7. Το ξέρω, αλλά όσο και αν λατρεύω τα τακούνια... δεν μπορώ να είμαι πολύ ώρα στα ψηλά!!! Φοράω μόνο αθλητικά ή flat παπούτσια! Σνιφ...Σναφ...