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Hello there my friends! 
A whole week passed with no surprises and in my case this is good news! No matter what, I always long for the weekend which is just a few hours away. We'll be meeting our friends, going to a kid's party and I'm taking my boys for a shopping spree this afternoon for all the Easter presents. Sounds like fun to me!
What about you? Do you have any special plans?

Γεια σας φίλοι μου!
Μια ολόκληρη εβδομάδα πέρασε χωρίς εκπλήξεις και στη περίπτωση μου αυτά είναι καλά νέα! Όπως και να'χει, πάντα ανυπομονώ για το Σαββατοκύριακο το οποίο είναι μερικές ώρες μακριά. Θα συναντήσουμε φίλους, θα πάμε σ'ένα παιδικό πάρτυ και θα πάω τα αγόρια μου για να ψωνίσουμε τα δώρα του Πάσχα. Μια χαρά μου ακούγονται!
Εσείς? Έχετε τίποτα ιδιαίτερα σχέδια?

well said

Wishlist 1, 2 and 3

Imagine...This is so cool!

 10 foods that make you glow 
How yoga makes you a nicer person

 33 unbelievable places to visit. Must see this!


If you love dogs, check out this Pinterest account

Island with only 62 residents..Would you be No 63?

Plus a couple of links you might have missed:

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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  1. cdeblasio664/4/14 19:09

    Hello Katerina, So a very interesting post by you today. I could comment on them all but I will comment on two:
    Your wish list (this will be negative and sorry for that), as a person who lived in Greece (me) for 11 years, I know that :"Ancient Greek Sandals" are fantastic...I cannot for the life of me bring myself to spend 125+ euros on something that you can get in the "agora" or any fishing village in Halkidiki...anyway, just my thought on that.
    10 foods that make you glow...I have a vegan recipe for you and your followers...
    Vegan Chocolate Moose:
    1 avocado
    1/4 cup of cocoa
    1/4 cup of almond milk
    (I use unsweetened and use a little agave or you could use coconut sugar as the sweetener, to taste)
    1 tsp. of vanilla
    mix in food processer - chill - enjoy!
    So simple - so good for you!

  2. Τι τέλειο αυτό στο pinterest με όλα τα ζωάκια! Χαμός γίνεται :)
    Καλά να περάσετε, και καλά ψώνια (μου έλειψε να βγαίνω για ψώνια λαμπάδες και τέτοια) Φιλιά **

  3. Καλό σαββατοκύριακο!!! 😚

  4. Those 33 places are dreamy! We are having dinner with friends in SF ;) Have fun and happy weekend!