Links I love and off to the beach!

Woop! Woop! Hello there Friday!!! Once you are here, I'm happy! And that is because I'm heading to the majestic beaches of Halkidiki. For the next two days I'll be wearing my bikinis, eating fresh fish and drinking cool lemonades (and swimming in the beach below with these beautiful guys!). Although I'm grateful for spending 2 days of the week out of the city cannot wait for our holidays.
What are your plans? No matter what, enjoy your weekend!!!

Being creative using nuts.

Amazing store in Sydney.

 In love with this house.

How to make raw brownies. Yum!

Anna Wintour's top 5 pieces of career advice. She knows well, right?

Cool ideas for your backyard or terrace. Your kids will be thrilled!

Happy feet, happy girl! I bought these sandals. Yay!

// And some things you might have missed //

Italians do it better.

Summer essentials: sunglasses

 My top 5 destinations. What's yours?

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  1. stylencritics27/6/14 15:35

    πόσο όμορφες στιγμές!!!! να περάσεις υπέροχα! φιλιά!

  2. 'Ηταν στ'αλήθεια! Κι ευτυχώς τις επαναλάβαμε! Φιλιά!!!

  3. How fun!

    That store looks so colourful, my kind of place.

  4. Hey Matthew!!!I was amazed by this store too!